Monday, November 22, 2004

New world, new rules

Should we have more laws in our country? Yes, I think so. Why? To live in a freeful and peaceful society in the XXI century.

The fundamental law I would add is the capital penalty, only for murderers. I think that nobody can kill another person without any reason . You can ask me:"Then why do you want to kill a murderer? Do you have any reason?" Well, if we think about it carefully we can realize that we aren't killing a human, we are killing a human body with a monster's soul. In fact, we are killing a danger for the society, we are helping the society.

On the other hand, we can kill an innocent so we must think about using this law only if we have a lot of proof. However, we must think that there isn't any system which is perfect by nature. When a predator kills other animal he is killing the whole complex system which is around that animal.

In conclusion, we should impose capital penalty in murders but only apply it if we have many briefs about the guilt of the suspect.