Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Love story, by Iria

Violette was a stunning woman of about twenty years old. Men went mad abouther because she had everything, she was pretty, clever, funny... in short she was extraordinary! A starry night of July, she went to a party with several friends and there she met Mickel, who was an attractive man of about twenty-two *. Immediately, she thought that he was worth it, he wasn´t like the others who only thought about themselves, moreover, they had evil intentions, but he was a perfect gentleman.

As time went by, Violette and Michel started a relationship. Immediately they fell in love and all was flourishing. However, something made Violette doubt about her relationship, she was confused about her feelings.Then things went from bad to worse and Violette decidedto break off her relationship, and,when she least expected it, Peter appeared. He was an university-mate who had helped Violette at difficult moments with Mickel.

She started to look at Peter in a new light but she still loved Mickel. Days went away and she had to get used to living without Mickel because, although Michel still loved her, Violette couldn't make him suffer. At that moment Peter was in her life and they had started a relationship.

One day Violette decided enough was enough. Mickel always took up her thoughts (was in her mind) so after thinking about it she decidedto put an end her reletionship. Peter found out Violette's secret, his girlfriend still loved her previous boyfriend, Mickel. He got very angry, he didn't want to lose the love of his life so he would do whatever he could so that Violette would not renew her relationship with Mickel.

Peter looked for Mickel and finally he found him. He had evil intentions, he wanted to kill him. Violette knew Peter's plan and she tried to avoid the tragic incident but.....

When she arrived,it was too late to do anything about it, Mickel was dead....

She was devastated by the loss of her love so without stopping to think she took Peter's gun and she put an end her to life. Violette's life didn't make sense without Mickel , she'd rather die than live without the only love in her life; MICKEL.