Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Shake with fear

“Shake with fear”
When I saw it, I felt very confused. I wanted to shout, I was very nervous... It was a really uncomfortable experience. And, It was all so real... I could pronounce no word. Oh, my god, I thought, I could do nothing, I couldn’t run, I was locked up in a cell. He was very calm, he stayed outside, watching me, all time... Suddenly, he lit a bonfire, and he threatened me to burn me, if I behaved badly. Two hours later, I was sleeping, and he woke up me effusively. I couldn’t believe what had happened. All of a sudden, I was in a strange site. It was very hot. And I thought I was free. But, the evil man already stayed there. He touch me with his big arms and he wanted throw me into the bonfire. Therefore, then, I woke up in my bed. And, fortunately, it had been only a nightmare.