Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pumarino is an action movie

if you were a movie, you'd be an Adrenaline-Charged Action

Hasta la vista, baby! From caped crusaders to lethal weapon cops to muscle-bound mercenaries, action heroes always manage to kick the bad guy's butt one way or another and save the world. Like these big-screen stars, you've got a lot of gusto...even if it's not necessarily directed at thwarting evil plots to destroy the world.
With or without the hulking muscles, you're an adventurous person who's willing to try new things and take some chances. A couch potato you're not. You like to get out and do stuff whether it's hiking, biking, hang gliding, or even just taking on the town with friends. With your bold, take-no-prisoners attitude, you're perfect to star in any fun action, onscreen or off. Go get 'em!