Thursday, December 02, 2004

Transformation challenge

Try these transformations (go to edit and use color). Some are easy, some are not.
Change the sentences so that they keep the same meaning. Put between two and five words in each space (contractions count as two words).
Eg. It’s two years since I last drank beer. I haven’t drunk beer for two years.
1) The last time I saw him was three years ago.
I haven't seen him for three years.
2) They have been married for 25 years.
They got married 25 years ago.
3) We tried very hard but we couldn’t open the door.
However hard we tried (our efforts) we couldn’t open the door.
4) Why don’t we take the 10.15 to London?
How about taking the 10.15 train to London?
5) Although, she was wealthy she lived in poverty.
Despite her wealth (...) she lived in poverty.
6) The carpenter is building a new bookcase for us.
We are getting a new bookcase built.
7) I haven’t typed the report yet.
The report hasn't been typed yet.
8) It’s understood that the thieves are still in the city.
The thieves are suppossed to be in the city.
9) There had to be someone who knew the answer.
Someone must have known the answer.
10) She was able to finish her work on time.
She succeeded in finishing her work on time.

I'm sorry but I couldn't change the color. See you soon!
Well done, 6/10...but...WHO did it? Please leave a name or a nick! Teacher