Monday, January 10, 2005

My ideal Christmas Holidays

I´m going to describe my favourite place to spend (pass) my Christmas holidays. I prefer spendING (pass) my holidays far from my everyday/normal life, where nothing or nobody can... make me remember (reminds me of) obligations, concerns and where I can enjoy myself with my friends. Because I would take with me three or four friends who´d help me to be happy all the holidays.
But I´m going to talk about the place and the journey. I would like the place to be/that the place was near the sea or a river to swim or fish. I like Ireland, although the weather isn´t good for swimming, I like its landscape, with the extensive green fields, the crystalline water of the rivers and the salmon jumping out of them.With my friends I can go to fish them, walk or spend the time watching the landscape.
I have never travelled by plane but I would like to try (prove) it and fly to this wonderful country.

PUMARINO007 Good! 6.5